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Your Waltham locksmith – always there when you need us.

From Moody St. to Lexington St., we’ve got you covered. We’re here 24/7 to help with lockouts, lock changes, or any other of your locksmithing needs. You can call us anytime at 617-254-1101

Lock Replacement:

Waltham is a great city for up-and-coming professionals. The shops and nightlife make it an attractive place for young couples to start up. If you’re a landlord, property manager, or just ready to move into your new home, we can securely install new locks (we even provide 24/7 emergency services). Locks installed incorrectly may not protect against break-ins, so this is one service where it makes sense to call in an expert. 

Frozen Locks:

New England weather is always unpredictable so it’s not uncommon to get caught in snow or freezing rain and having to deal with a frozen lock. It might be tempting to heat your key with a lighter, but that can be dangerous. Instead, give us a call.

A frozen lock can break your key, which for cars can be quite expensive these days. Rather than risk further damage to your lock, have us use our special equipment to safely and securely let you back in.

Not all locks are built the same:

With locks, quality is important and you truly get what you pay for. Your home or business is a huge investment – so does it really make sense to protect it with a lock from a place where you also buy clothes and food from? And while home improvement stores sell locks, they also sell car alarms. Would you protect your new car with a DIY car alarm? All it takes is one break-in to change your life forever. So the few extra dollars you pay for one of our locks can give you peace of mind.


Getting Locked Out:

Whether we’re rushing out to lunch on Moody St. or scrambling to get our kids to a Hawks game, sometimes we forget things. The two most common things we forget are our cell phones and our keys. We can help with the latter. There’s no need to risk breaking a window or door to get back inside – we can get you back inside without damaging your home 24 hours a day, any day of the year.


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