How Often Should I Change The Locks

How Often Should I Change The Locks?

Today, we are going to address another practical topic and answer a commonly asked question: How often should I change my locks?

Re-Keying Versus Changing the Locks

Before we answer the main question of this blog, we need to discuss the difference between rekeying versus changing your locks. Both can provide the security that you need, but one is a significantly cheaper solution. Re-keying locks is the more affordable security upgrade than changing out your locks and it means that your local locksmith in Boston will simply adjust the lock you have to fit a new key. Changing the locks means that the locksmith will deinstall the entire lock that you have and install a brand new lock. Re-keying and changing the locks can be beneficial — it simply depends on what you need. Your locksmith can help you determine what is right for you!

5 Reasons to Change the Locks

Today, for the sake of discussion, when we say “change the locks,” we can mean to change the actual locks or to rekey them. As we said above, both can be beneficial for the security of your home; it just depends on what your situation needs.

You Have Moved

If you’ve just moved into a previously-owned home, it would be best for you to change the locks of your new home. Even though you may want to assume that those who had your home before you are honest, it is best to take precautions all the same. When you move into a new home, you will have no idea who has a copy of your keys. The previous owners, their old babysitter, the previous owner’s disgruntled ex-husband, and others could have a copy of your home’s key. Make your home truly your own and change the locks!

Lose Your Keys

If you lose your keys and do not recover them, change the locks! Even if you do recover your keys, it may be in your best interest to change the locks. If you lose your keys, they could be at the bottom of a river and will never be seen again by any human eyes or they may be in the hands of someone not to be trusted.


If you have recently gone through a divorce, it may be a good idea to change your locks. Though your ex may be a decent person, it is always better to be safe than sorry. Whenever someone goes through an extremely emotional time, they may not be thinking straight and may resort to petty or even violent actions. Protect yourself, your possessions, and your family and change the locks.


If your home was recently the victim of vandalism or burglary, you should consider changing your locks. We hope that you never fall victim to such an invasion, but if you do, your local locksmith should be one of the first calls that you make after you call the authorities. A locksmith can not only change the locks, but also see other weak spots in your home’s security.

Lock Damage

If your locks are damaged, then you should change the locks of your home. A damaged lock will be difficult to turn or may allow your door to be unlocked without the proper key, which is almost as bad as not having a lock at all. Before you decide you need to replace your current locks, call your local locksmith. They may be able to clean them or provide the maintenance that your locks need to function like they used to or can install a new lock if you need one.

Do You Need to Upgrade Your Security?

Do you need to change your locks? Are you unsure if you have the security that you need? Whatever you need, the local locksmiths of Brighton Lockshop are here to help. Our licensed locksmiths provide mobile services to allow you to keep your home, business, and car safe in Greater Boston area. Get your free estimate online!

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